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It all began with a triangle. Pag Triangle


Out there, on a beach overlooking powerful mountains, on a desertlike island off an island-dotted coast swept by strong winds, there’s a gathering place where all the 5 elements meet. Here, a triangular land formation of secret origin invites seekers for exploration, echoing the alchemy symbol for nature’s elements: a triangle. 


Welcome to Tattva Pag, a boutique beach club & restaurant, and a universe of its own, worlds apart from the famed party scene of Zrće.


A meeting point of 5 sacred tattvas – earth, water, fire, air and space – Tattva is tucked away on a remote stretch of one of Croatia’s most unusual islands, Pag. Known for its barren, lunar landscapes and potent winds, this desert-like isle is home to the mysterious Pag Triangle, a triangle-shaped mark pressed into the rocky ground by an unknown force. 


A celebration of nature, its enigmatic ways and the five elements that hide within and around us, Tattva Pag sits where the mighty Velebit mountain faces the translucent Adriatic Sea. It’s where the sacred elements converge and where alchemy happens, making all life possible. What flows in you flows in me, here where the mountains meet the sea.


Step into the world of Tattva Pag, eons away from the ordinary & yet surprisingly familiar. 

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the music surrounded them like 

Restaurant. Beach club. Experience.

Zrće b.b, 53291, Novalja, Croatia

00385(0)53 662 458


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