Our Restaurant

At the heart of the Tattva experience is our open-air restaurant, covered with Khaima, a Bedouin tent handmade in the Sahara desert of Morocco.


Inspired by five elements of nature - air, earth, fire, water and space – the menu honours Pag island’s soil and sea and their bounty of wholesome treats.

Deeply rooted in local food traditions, with ingredients sourced from the island’s markets, our cuisine also has Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African touches. It’s not just an explosion of flavours that awaits you at our restaurant, it’s nourishment for the body and the soul. We invite you to savour your food mindfully, enjoying each bite, staying present in the moment and sharing it with new and old friends.

Food Plate

Our Menu

"Where the Adriatic meets the Mediterranean Sea, gently touching North African and Levantine shores, coming back as a breeze filled with exotic spices and memories from afar, awakening all your senses and the taste buds you didn't know you had."