Saturday 26.06.2021

Pepi Jogarde 4pm

Adriatic Coasting, Yammat FM 

Unpretentious music which sounds familiar 

but you’ve never heard it before. We call it Adriatic.


Drinks Reception 6pm

Cocktail Reception & Canapes 


Ishani Mae 7.30pm 

Alchemists of world music ethno and ambient chill downtempo~ a female duo ~ embodying sensual & mystical expression through ancient sound & movement.
Creating the bridge between traditions and dimensions they invite you to breathe in and dive deep...


DJane Indra 8.00pm

Worldly sounds with deep bass following the heart beats


El Chandrito 8.30pm

Sunset ritual strings

Guitarist that communicates from heart to heart and blends the sound of Latin American & Spanish Flamenco guitar with notes of ancient Balkan Ethno music.


Sundari live violin with DJane Indra 9.00pm

Special Tattva set 


Fire Ceremony 


Agregat Sun 10.30pm

Duboko Toplo 

Only sound remains, forever present and forever young

Sunday 27.06.2021


Gaura & Latica Gong Bath 12am-3pm

Tattva Beach Detox Drop In